Home Safety

ThedaCare At Home - Home Safety Services

If your goal is to live as safely and independently as possible in your own home, the right product or service can make all the difference.

Keeping You Safe at Home

Many people want to stay in their home as long as possible, but can’t always do everything necessary to remain comfortable and safe. ThedaCare’s Home Safety Solutions offers a low-cost safety screening that can help. We identify safety or daily living challenges and recommend solutions that can help you stay safe in your home.

Who We Serve

Most people who use our services are older adults or people with disabilities. However, Home Safety Solutions is available to people of all ages who live in northeast Wisconsin.

A Typical Screening

A local ThedaCare team, consisting of two medical professionals, comes to your home on the day and time you’ve chosen. We’ll walk through your home, ask you questions, and may ask you to complete some activities. This helps us determine what you’re doing well and where you may need assistance. We’ll look at your:

  • Physical environment
  • Walking and mobility
  • Activities of daily living (dressing, bathing, etc.)
  • Medication management
  • Nutrition
  • Transportation
  • Access to caregivers and community resources
  • Financial resources
  • Social, emotional, and spiritual needs

After the screening, we’ll provide you with a summary of the results and our recommendations. If you want us to follow up on any of the recommendations, we’ll coordinate with your doctor and community resources to address your individual needs. See available services

Scheduling a Visit

Anyone can request a home safety screening. You do not need a doctor’s referral. If you’re interested in scheduling a home safety screening, call us at 920-969-0919 or 800-984-5554. It’s helpful to schedule the visit when a family member can be there as a second pair of eyes and ears.

Payment Information

The low-cost initial screening is generally not covered by insurance. You can pay for it by check or credit card. Call us for current information on the cost of a Home Safety Solutions screening.

After the screening, if you decide you want any of the services or products we recommend, we can help you determine the cost and whether they are covered by your insurance.