Hospice isn’t a place; it’s the personalized care offered at any place you call home. At ThedaCare at Home Hospice, we have a distinctively warm and well-trained staff of care team professionals who fully embrace the mission of hospice, both the profession and the passion. We believe:

Hospice is not a loss of hope. It’s created to provide comfort and joy so that a person can live his or her life to the fullest, until the end.

Hospice provides options and is based on a person’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs, especially as they change throughout the course of hospice care.

We are with you whenever you need us. You are not alone, and your family will get support, too. Think of us as your teammates, your coffee klatch, or your buddies from the breakfast club. We will look out for you, listen intently, communicate warmly, and always respect your choices.

Hospice is about living your best possible life, your way, all the way. Rely on ThedaCare at Home Hospice to continue your journey of joy and discovery. We are here to help you keep living your life the way it is meant to be lived—as fully as possible.

Why ThedaCare at Home Hospice?

People know you for your lifetime of sharing your special gifts and talents. At ThedaCare at Home Hospice, we’re known for:

  • Investing in highly specialized training for our nurses in the area of pain control. Our patient-controlled medication delivery system allows patients more independence to manage their pain.
  • Holding Joint Commission Accreditation for Hospice Organizations, an achievement that recognizes our organization as “best-in-class” for patients and their families.
  • Staying connected to ThedaCare hospitals, clinics and physicians via a common electronic medical record. Your nurses and other caregivers will stay in direct, timely communication with your physician and other care team members.
  • Incredible volunteers and programs that enrich your life, recognize your accomplishments, support your family, and help you share your hard-won wisdom.

Life-Minded Programs

ThedaCare at Home Hospice is a non-profit organization that is honored to be supported with foundation funds. Our donors are “life-minded” individuals who believe in discovering joy and comfort in each new day.

Special hospice programs and volunteers help patients and their families remember, enjoy activities, tell stories, pass on wisdom, honor service, and return generosity.

  • We Honor Veterans, a program of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Program, recognizes the unique needs of our nation’s veterans who are dying. For veterans who experienced combat service or trauma, this can be particularly important as events from the past may resurface during a serious illness. Our care teams are specially trained to accompany and guide these men and woman towards a more peaceful death. ThedaCare Physicians–Waupaca serve all the Veterans at the WI Veteran Home at King.
  • Pet Therapy has been shown to increase pain tolerance, reduce stress and anxiety, and bring joy. Specially trained dogs visit hospice patients to offer physical and emotional companionship.
  • Every Life Has a Story is a chance for individuals to record a DVD that shares special moments and stories of their lives. Storytelling and story collecting strengthens family bonds and records the history of family.
  • Hospice Hopes and Dreams Gift’s from the Heart: This program helps fund the last wishes, dreams and hopes of patients and their families during their end-of-life journeys. Many times, these activities are soothing and memorable, a welcome distraction from illness or low spirits.
  • Lifetime Legacy Scrapbooking is offered by hospice volunteers who help family members and/or hospice patients to create beautiful scrapbooks that celebrate patients’ present lives, reflect on their pasts and share their life experiences. It is a beautiful activity for all generations.
  • Forever in Our Hearts Photography Program offers the opportunity to capture a final portrait of the family. The family receives one 11 x 13 portrait ready to frame.
  • Massage Therapy is offered to hospice patients as a way to alleviate emotional distress, anxiety, physical discomfort, pain and nausea.

Your Care Team

Your hospice Care Team offers the care and knowledge you need to achieve comfort and peace of mind. Our teams are comprised of members with their own specialized skills and work together to customize your care, support your family, and honor you.

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ThedaCare At Home offers hospice services throughout the Fox Valley region, Wisconsin Veteran’s Home at King, and the Waupaca and Shawano communities. Hospice care can be delivered to any place you call home. Learn more about our Locations.

How to Choose Hospice Care

  • Deciding when to enter hospice care is a personal choice.
  • The earlier hospice services begin, the more time you will have to experience the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of hospice care.
  • Anyone can make a referral for hospice care. Simply call us at (920) 969-0919 or (800) 984-5554.

Paying for Hospice

  • Most hospice services are covered by Medicare or Medicaid and most private insurance plans.
  • We will research your insurance coverage prior to admission and discuss care and financial options