• Subcontractor Builds on Healthcare Knowledge After Site Visit

    Posted 14 May 2015 10:00 AM by TCAuthor3

    Hi Everyone! I am Tony the Technician. I work for Parsons Electric in Minneapolis, and last week I went to one of our jobsites in Wisconsin – ThedaCare Medical Center-Shawano. Parsons is the electrical subcontractor for this project in a partnership with Van Den Heuvel Electric of De Pere. Our technologies division is also working on this project doing the design and low voltage scopes with One Source Technologies of Ashwaubenon, as our subcontractor doing a lot of the installation.

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  • People and Procedures: The Art & Science of Training Staff for a New Hospital Environment

    Posted 8 May 2015 8:30 AM by TCAuthor3

    Together with the departmental move captains and managers at SMC, we set out to inventory the changes that staff will experience upon moving to the new ThedaCare Medical Center-Shawano in September. Through a program of classes, staff meetings, and tours, we will prepare staff to work efficiently, effectively, and compassionately the first day on the job at TCMC-Shawano.

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  • Look Up

    Posted 28 April 2015 4:17 PM by TCAuthor3

    We have become a nation of hunchers. We hunch over a keyboard, a game controller, a cell phone, a steering wheel.  Happy or sad, proud or humble, we look down. It’s time to look up.

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  • Let There Be Light and Electricity

    Posted 20 April 2015 4:06 PM by TCAuthor3

    Warm spring temperatures are leading to the start of site work at the ThedaCare Medical Center-Shawano. Currently all of the underground electrical and plumbing outside of the building is being planned to be trenched into place.  Light pole bases will be drilled into, followed by concrete curbs/gutters starting within the next couple of weeks. 

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  • A Successful Fundraiser of Historic Proportions

    Posted 15 April 2015 2:09 PM by TCAuthor3

    The Shawano Medical Center Foundation has always been a quiet fundraiser in the past but the Foundation was asked to raise $2.25 million dollars for the enhancements! A lofty goal.  We all took a deep breath and accepted the challenge for the good of our community. The Living Well Together capital campaign was developed and off and running. Our Foundation director, Linda Gilbert, led the charge with the help of Michael Frohna and Shane Kohl from the ThedaCare Family of Foundations.  They taught us, encouraged us, accompanied us on visits to ask the community, to support this huge project for Shawano.

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  • Captains and Superusers Lead Hospital Move

    Posted 10 April 2015 10:06 AM by TCAuthor3

    Moving to a new hospital takes a lot of planning—about a year’s worth, to be exact. If you were to visit our weekly three-hour Tuesday hospital move meetings, you’d find 52 people focused on two large projection screens reviewing a list of more than 300 planning tasks. For example, this week we talked about defining the process for the wireless nurse call system and how to move compressed air cylinders, then transitioned to listing the location of each department’s mail boxes and detailing the process for sending dirty dishes to the dish room. 

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  • Nursing Neighborhood in Hospital Like Our Own neighborhood Where We Live

    Posted 2 April 2015 12:50 PM by TCAuthor3

    The nursing neighborhood design of our new hospital reminds me of the way our own families and neighborhoods work. When we are close to people, we know their routines, preferences and needs. A newspaper left on her stoop too long might mean we should check on the elderly neighbor next door. Every parent knows when his or her child suddenly looks “not quite right” with the onset of illness. Some people want to hold a hand during difficult times, while others prefer to rest quietly alone. As our nurses continue to provide expert and compassionate care in our hospital, we are happy to provide them, and our patients, with a new layout to better know and care for our neighbors and families.

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  • Outpatient Treatment Center to Open with Help From Foundation

    Posted 23 March 2015 2:20 PM by TCAuthor3

    The Outpatient Treatment Center, located in what used to be a family practice clinic, will be an area set up specifically for outpatient services. Patients will come here for wound care, IV therapy, injections, blood products – and many more services for patients who need the care of a registered nurse, but don’t need to spend the night in the hospital.

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  • Paint, Ceilings, Flooring, and Plumbing in the Works

    Posted 18 March 2015 11:50 AM by TCAuthor3

    Construction work is progressing quickly within the new ThedaCare Medical Center-Shawano.  Casework is being delivered weekly as crews work throughout the building.  Twelve semi-trailer loads are scheduled to complete the delivery of casework. In many areas on the second level ceiling grid, finished flooring and plumbing fixtures have been installed.  On the first level painting is almost complete as drywall finishing activities were completed earlier this month.  Installation of finishes will soon commence on the first level.

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  • ThedaCare Leadership Offers Community Presentations on New Hospital

    Posted 6 March 2015 9:16 AM by TCAuthor3

    Civic organizations are an active, vibrant part of life in the Shawano area. Their meetings often include informational programs, and sometimes, by this time of the year, the program scheduler is looking for a few new.  As your group plans its presentations for the next few months, you may wish to consider a new program option:  an update on the once-in-a-lifetime experience of bringing a new hospital to our area.

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