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  • Work Crews to Cool Down as Weather Heats Up

    Posted 22 July 2015 9:41 AM by TCAuthor3

    With the summer heat in full swing, so is the finishing work in the new ThedaCare Medical Center-Shawano. Large parts of the building have all finishes installed and punch lists will be created in all areas within the next three weeks.

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  • Golf Outing Showcases Generous Donors, Volunteers

    Posted 15 July 2015 11:01 AM by TCAuthor3

    This year, when ThedaCare Medical Center-Shawano opens, it will include a hospice suite that was made possible by previous golf outings and donors throughout the year.  This year’s golf outing, set for July 29, will again bring 144 women to Golden Sands. In addition, the outing brings out the best in area businesses and individuals, who support it with financial support and donations of time and skills.

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  • Rich Stories of Healing and Community Involvement Abound – and Will Grace the Hospital Walls

    Posted 7 July 2015 8:18 AM by TCAuthor3

    The “human mind is a story processor, not a logic processor,” said a very wise man, Jonathan Haidt, a social psychologist and researcher at New York University. His observations about the workings of the human brain got me thinking about health care. We constantly juggle the relentless needs of reporting statistics, calibrating doses, and crunching numbers, with the softer, kinder, warmer side of our jobs. This is something I see every day – caring, nursing and nurturing moments that we remember and repeat to others.

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  • Top 10 List on Why You Should be a Volunteer at our New Shawano Hospital

    Posted 30 June 2015 11:14 AM by TCAuthor3

    Volunteer greeters in a hospital do so much more than just give directions. They help put people at ease and let them know that someone is here to help them. It is amazing how much can be accomplished with just a pad of maps, a yellow highlighter, and a kind, concerned smile. Why volunteer? Our current volunteers can tell you about the satisfaction they get from helping others, or from being part of a team.

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  • Robotic Technology Helps Create Parking Lot

    Posted 23 June 2015 11:29 AM by TCAuthor3

    The new hospital parking lot is taking shape with concrete curbs, gutters and sidewalks. Preparations for installing the concrete curbs and sidewalks began weeks ago with laying out the areas utilizing a robotic total station which uses computer-generated points from a site drawing. These points are then transferred to the total station for layout. 

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  • Golf Outing Takes a Swing at Supporting Hospice

    Posted 16 June 2015 9:27 AM by TCAuthor3

    The 15th annual Ladies Golf Outing will be held July 29, and registrations are already coming in for this popular event. The tournament is a day of activities hosted by the Golden Sands Golf Course Ladies League, and benefitting Friends of Hospice.

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  • Health Care Drives Shawano's Economic Health: One Million Dollars Invested

    Posted 9 June 2015 8:43 AM by TCAuthor3

    A little over one year ago, we reported that the construction of the new ThedaCare Medical Center-Shawano had already brought $244,000 in new spending to the Shawano area community. This month, I am happy to report that we’ve surpassed the $1 million threshold for local spending and investment as a result of our historic construction project. But what do we mean when we say we’ve helped bring $1 million to Shawano?

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  • Hospital Move Like Ants on a Mission

    Posted 28 May 2015 11:17 AM by TCAuthor3

    Have you ever watched leafcutter ants? These little specks of mostly muscle and determination can haul chunks of plants that weigh up to 10 times the weight of the ant. They form a long parade – hundreds of ants hauling pieces of shrubbery to the nest. If you step in front of them, they go over or around you. Nothing stands in their way.

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  • Subcontractor Builds on Healthcare Knowledge After Site Visit

    Posted 14 May 2015 10:00 AM by TCAuthor3

    Hi Everyone! I am Tony the Technician. I work for Parsons Electric in Minneapolis, and last week I went to one of our jobsites in Wisconsin – ThedaCare Medical Center-Shawano. Parsons is the electrical subcontractor for this project in a partnership with Van Den Heuvel Electric of De Pere. Our technologies division is also working on this project doing the design and low voltage scopes with One Source Technologies of Ashwaubenon, as our subcontractor doing a lot of the installation.

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  • People and Procedures: The Art & Science of Training Staff for a New Hospital Environment

    Posted 8 May 2015 8:30 AM by TCAuthor3

    Together with the departmental move captains and managers at SMC, we set out to inventory the changes that staff will experience upon moving to the new ThedaCare Medical Center-Shawano in September. Through a program of classes, staff meetings, and tours, we will prepare staff to work efficiently, effectively, and compassionately the first day on the job at TCMC-Shawano.

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