Hospital Donates to New Shelter to Commemorate Enclosing the Building

Posted 29 January 2015 2:07 PM by TCAuthor3

Shawano Area Matthew
Photo courtesy of Muffy Culhane

By Carol Ryczek, community relations manager, Shawano Medical Center

Snug and warm.

Whether the temperature is 20 above or 20 below, at this time of year most of us expect to be snug and warm at the end of the day. The exterior of ThedaCare Medical Center-Shawano is now completely enclosed, making it possible for workers to develop the space in the building’s interior. They are installing plumbing fixtures, putting up drywall, and putting on the first coat of paint. Last year, the bitter cold and outdoor nature of steel erection meant delays in the schedule. This year, workers can take off their heavy coats and work inside the building heated with a gas heating system.

That means that even if a polar vortex returns, construction will go on, and the new medical center will stay on track to open in mid-September 2015.

This is a milestone worth celebrating!

But before we celebrate, we need to remember that while most of us have a warm shelter to go home to, 198 families do not have that assurance. They are the homeless families of our community – living in cars, looking for shelter every night, not knowing where they will sleep. A new organization has been created to help meet their needs. 

Shawano Area Matthew 25 (SAM 25) works to help those affected by poverty improve their circumstances and become self-sufficient. One of their goals is to make sure that everyone in the Shawano area has a meal and a safe place to sleep every night. They are working toward the creation of a seasonal emergency shelter, and until this is realized, volunteers create emergency packs with blankets, hand warmers and toiletries for the homeless in our community.

To commemorate the enclosure of the new building, ThedaCare, through Shawano Medical Center, has made a donation to SAM 25. The new medical center building is safe, warm, and secure.  Through the great work of groups like Sam 25, the day will come when every Shawano area family can say the same thing, every night.