Shawano Clinic Welcomes Hospital and Staff

Posted 6 August 2015 8:22 AM by TCAuthor3

What do you do when a new family moves into your neighborhood? Do you stop over with cucumbers from your garden or a bunch of fresh cut flowers? Or are you more likely to offer a firm handshake and an introduction over a backyard fence?

Now reframe this situation so that the new neighbor is a brand new hospital, and you are the clinic who’s been on the same site for nine years already. That’s a little bit what it feels like for the doctors and staff at ThedaCare Physicians-Shawano as they watch the finishing touches get put on the adjacent ThedaCare Medical Center-Shawano, all in preparation for a September 20 opening day.

According to Traci Berry, the practice administrator at TCP-Shawano, many of the clinic staffers are looking forward to a reunion with prior co-workers. “When we are attached to the hospital, just the proximity to so many people we know, or with whom we’ve worked in the past, will mean it’s a great time to reconnect with people or put a face with a name, finally. We can go to the cafeteria and have lunch together or work out in the rehab gym when it’s available to staff. Those are great perks!”

The clinic is also in the midst of its own renovations. Two new medical suites are designed for visiting oncologists and other specialists. Saturday clinic hours and weekend walk-in care will also use these suites because of their ideal proximity to lab and X-ray. “The new spaces are designed especially to be flexible and more convenient for our patients,” Berry said.

And what will the clinic people be eager to share with the new hospital people? “We have a nice view of the horse farm next door. Ducks swim in the pond out front, and we’ve got a walking path. There is a pretty little courtyard tucked within the clinic and two of our clinic employees volunteer to take care of it. It is absolutely beautiful,” said Berry. “We have such kind and cooperative neighbors, including the high school next door. We are just as excited to have them as they are to move to our amazing new hospital.”