People Feel Better and Heal Better at Home

Posted 23 September 2015 10:10 AM by TCAuthor3

Just four short years ago, Shawano Medical Center and ThedaCare agreed to affiliate at the hospital level. As part of that agreement, ThedaCare fully committed to building a new medical center for the people of Shawano and the surrounding area. I recall that agreement being something special, because it reaffirmed both parties’ trust and belief in one another. In 2006, ThedaCare had constructed the new ThedaCare Physicians-Shawano clinic in town, and had that not been a success, I doubt we’d be celebrating the grand opening of our beautiful new hospital this week. This is a genuinely good news story.

Ours is not a health system that claims a region of service with a primary care clinic, and then asks our patients to travel out of town for all other levels of care. Instead, we let our actions speak for our beliefs—that people feel better and heal better when they are at home and among supportive family and friends. When we agreed to build a new hospital, we also affirmed our commitment to keeping local 100 percent of appropriate health care. Only when a patient needs very specialized care does he or she need to travel to the Fox Valley. Then we make it a priority to get him or her back home as soon as possible, back to local doctors who remain linked to specialists via electronic medical records and a history of close collaboration.

We continue to build confidence in the level of care in Shawano at the same time we are building our facilities. ThedaCare Medical Center-Shawano is a critical access hospital that is held to the exact same standards as ThedaCare’s larger urban hospitals. In 2006, the new clinic cost $20 million. ThedaCare Medical Center-Shawano is a $52 million investment. In my role as a leader for ThedaCare hospitals system wide, I am honored to help put money where our heart is—and we’ve put a lot of heart and soul into Shawano and its people. Congratulations on your handsome new medical center.

Brian BurmeisterBy Brian Burmeister, Senior Vice President, ThedaCare Medical Centers