Waiting to Exhale

Posted 10 September 2015 3:58 PM by TCAuthor3

By Dorothy Erdmann, CEO, Shawano Medical Center

This is my last blog about the construction of our new hospital in Shawano. I started these entries in 2013 when we broke ground at the new site. Each month, I wrote about topics that were important at the time—the hottest projects of that period. We now stand at the brink of move day, which culminates with the closure of Shawano Medical Center on Sept. 20, the moving of our last stabilized patients, and the last transfer of employees to ThedaCare Medical Center-Shawano. Waiting to exhale—that’s how most of us feel.

Even as the project managers scurry to finalize plans for move day, I feel something stirring. The new hospital is taking on its purpose, shrugging on a clean white shirt and standing up straight. Soon we will move our sacred mission from one place to a new space.

Sacredness exists in a person’s life no matter his or her religious or cultural upbringing. The sacred, that which is deserving of respect and honor, can be found in the powerful half-seconds of joy and peace that take one’s breath away. Like a tiny, tiny new baby and her brave, strong mother. The heart-to-heart exchange between two people before a person is gone forever. An awakening from surgery, the hardest part over.

We’ve planned for years to create a new space for these seconds of sacredness, of deep connections between people who belong to each other. Our job now is to do our work in a manner that honors the reasons we created it—to help and heal with more comfort and convenience; to care with compassion and flexibility; and to invest wisely in the future of our community.

Wait until you see it. Our new hospital, and all it stands for, will take your breath away.