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Local access to more than 120 providers covering 34 specialties flows into a comprehensive care team that reaches throughout Northeast and Central Wisconsin. With the guidance of their Primary Care provider at every step, Jesse and Wendy took action to not just lose weight but to change their entire lifestyle - together.

“We knew our health wasn’t where we wanted it to be. We both had high blood pressure. I (Jesse) also had a history of diabetes in my family and was on five different meds for 10 years. We started changing what we ate; avoiding processed foods, eating more fresh fruits and veggies, things like that. It isn’t like we did everything at once. It was just a lot of little steps that started adding up to weight loss.

Our doctor gave us great information and suggested resources to help. We spent a lot of time learning and then started exercising with a treadmill. The walking became light running and it just kept evolving. Eventually we signed up for local marathons as part of relay teams with guys from work. Knowing your team is counting on you is very motivating.

It’s taken a year and a half, but we’ve each lost over 130 pounds and are no longer on medications. There were times when one of us wanted to quit or reach for the doughnuts, and the other would provide the right encouragement to keep making the better choices. Through it all, we’ve been there for each other.”

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- Allergy Asthma
- Behavioral Health
- Cancer Care
- Cardiac Rehabilitation
- Cardiovascular Care
- Diabetes Education
- Ear, Nose and Throat
- Emergency Care
- eVisits
- Home Care
- Hospice
- Imaging Services

- Infusion Therapy
- Lab
- Nephrology
- Neurology
- Obstetrical Care
- Occupational Health
- Occupational Therapy
- Onsite Clinics
- Orthopedic Care
- Pain Management
- Pediatric Care
- Physical Therapy

- Podiatry
- Primary Care
- Pulmonary Medicine
- Pulmonary Rehabilitation
- Surgery
- ThedaCare at Home
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- Urology
- Vascular
- Walk-in Care
- Wound Care

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