Specialties and Services

Riverside Medical Center

24-hour Emergency Care

ThedaCare Medical Center-Waupaca Emergency Department is staffed 24 hours a day by full-time physicians and nurses who specialize in emergency medicine. We work closely with ThedaStar Air Medical Transport and the other ThedaCare hospitals so that you have a full range of emergency care options and support.

Family Birth Care

Our family birth care is designed around you and your family. You can welcome the newest member of your family in a comfortable, home-like environment. ThedaCare Medical Center-Waupaca Family Birth Care even offers water birth as an option.

Learn more about pregnancy care and Family Birth Care 

Swing Bed Program

ThedaCare Medical Center-Waupaca understands that some may no longer need hospitalization, but they are not quite be ready to go home. The Swing Bed Unit is the ideal option. Patients can recover and get extra help due to continuing medical needs such as wound care, Physical or Occupational Therapy, or IV antibiotic therapy.

Rehabilitation Services

Our Rehabilitation Services go beyond simply helping you repair your body after illness or injury. You’ll find resources and equipment to treat the whole person – body, mind and spirit. Our spacious facility is home to an integrated approach to health and wellness. We combine diabetes education and community programs with cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation programs. This makes your care more convenient and it helps you connect all the different facets of your treatment.

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