Medical Team

Quality Care for Your Entire Family

From preventive care and checkups, to immunizations and exams, our primary care physicians and providers work to keep you and your whole family healthy and strong each and every day.

Medical Team

When you choose ThedaCare Physicians, you can be assured that the healthcare focus is always on YOU and your family needs. Your ThedaCare team demonstrates a deep commitment to patient quality and convenience, putting you at the center of care so you’ll always feel confident, empowered, and genuinely well cared for.    

Finding Your Care Provider

There are a lot of different types of healthcare providers. So where should you begin? First, you’ll want to find your primary care physician.

Primary care physician 
This type of provider manages your overall health. A primary care physician may be a pediatrician, a family practitioner, or an internist. These providers know you and your medical history best, and are the first people you should see when you’re in need of care.

Your primary care physician might recommend that you see a specialist to treat a specific condition or disease. Specialists are doctors that focus on one area of medicine or specialty, such as cancer, diabetes, and behavioral health.

Still not sure how to find the type of provider you need? Our ThedaCare On Call representatives are happy to help. Call (920) 830-6877 or 800-236-2236.

What to Expect From Our Care Teams

Rest assured that everyone on your care team is ready to help. All the physicians and providers who care for you have access to your confidential medical records, so they know your medical background. They are here to listen, so you won’t have to explain your needs again and again.

Hospital care teams 
If you need surgery or have an emergency, you’ll likely need to visit one of our hospitals. Our hospital care teams include doctors, pharmacists, surgeons, nurses, and other providers trained in giving you the attention you need during your hospital stay.