Hospital Teams

Putting You in the Lead

If you need hospital care, it’s usually because you have serious medical needs, such as surgery or an emergency medical situation. It can be overwhelming to be surrounded by so many healthcare professionals, but our team members work together and share their knowledge, making sure you have the information you need to make the best decisions about your care.

 Care Team

The Members of Your Care Team

Each person on your hospital team has a unique role. Depending on your care needs, you may see technicians, aids, or therapists. The main members of your team, however, will usually include:

  • Doctors. One doctor may lead the hospital team, but he or she will always collaborate with other team members. Often this is a doctor who specializes in hospital care, called a hospitalist. If you’ve had surgery, your surgeon will lead your team. You may also have other specialists or even your primary care doctor included on your team.
  • Nurses. During your stay, you’ll have a team of nurses taking care of you around the clock. They keep your care coordinated among the different hospital team members. They also keep you informed of your daily care plan, such as what tests will be ordered and when team members will be visiting you.
  • Pharmacists. Working closely with your doctors and nurses, the pharmacist pays careful attention to your medication needs during your stay, as well as providing you the prescriptions you’ll need when you leave the hospital.
  • Care managers. The care manager arranges for smooth transitions, including any equipment or at-home services you may need after you leave the hospital.
  • You and your family members. As the patient, you are the most important member of your team. Be sure to ask questions and share your concerns about any part of your care.

All of these team members will share updates and insights on a daily basis. Working together with you, we’ll create the best care plan for your needs.