Finding a Specialist

Most of the time, your primary care physician can treat your healthcare needs.

When you need help with a more specific condition, your primary care doctor will help you find the right specialist. Protected electronic medical records make referral a smooth transition, and your clinic may even be able to help you schedule the appointment.

We have a wide range of specialties to help meet your needs. Find a specialist now.

What to Expect From Your Visit

Before your visit, learn more about your condition by reading online resources or any materials provided by your primary care physician. This will help you prepare the questions you want to ask. Your specialist will probably have access to test results and other records, saving you the trouble of repeating your story again and again.

Understanding Your Condition and Choices

During your visit, you should feel comfortable asking the specialist about any of your concerns. Your providers want to make sure you understand your condition and help you make the right decisions for your care, whether that’s a conservative approach or more aggressive treatment. Just like your primary care doctor, your specialist is ready to answer any of your questions.

If you want a second opinion, that’s okay. Call your primary care physician and request another referral.