ThedaCare Physicians

Accessible Care Designed Around You

Many doctors in ThedaCare Physicians are accepting new patients. Whether you need a routine exam or have an immediate health concern or illness, a ThedaCare primary care team is waiting to provide quality care and comfort today.

Your ThedaCare primary care team  is the entry point for all your healthcare needs and options. Together, you’ll build a relationship and create a care plan that puts YOU FIRST.

Appointments When You Need Them

You want to be seen on your schedule, when you need to be seen, and at ThedaCare Physicians, scheduling an appointment with a trusted primary care doctor or advanced nurse practitioner has never been easier.

At many of our clinics, we offer same-day appointments with your provider or another member of your healthcare team. Some locations also provide immediate lab results on routine tests so you won’t have to wait or schedule a return visit.

Only ThedaCare Physicians makes healthcare more convenient for you and gives you greater access to same-day appointments.

Efficiencies at Your Every Visit

Your time is precious. That’s why ThedaCare Physicians works to make your schedule our priority. From reduced waiting times to fast lab results, we make sure your visits are as efficient as possible.

Because our staff is more efficient, you’ll also get all the time you need with your doctor who will make sure you leave each visit with a clear understanding of your care plan, and what next steps are needed to get and keep you well.

Collaborative Care With You at the Center

Your provider can treat a wide range of illnesses, conditions, and injuries, often resolving issues at your regular clinic. However, if you need more specialized care, your doctor will explain your options, provide educational material, and make referrals to other providers to get you better, faster.

ThedaCare is also the first health care system in Wisconsin to be selected as a Mayo Clinic Care Network member. This unique collaboration connects ThedaCare with Mayo Clinic specialists via electronic medical records, providing helpful insights when complex cases arise. By working with Mayo Clinic in new ways, ThedaCare can offer patients additional peace of mind.

The Best and Highest Quality Care

For years, ThedaCare Physicians has held the #1 position in Wisconsin for overall quality as measured by the Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality (WCHQ). We’re actively changing patient lives for the better, and our ranking is a result of excellent chronic and preventive care measures.

Our quality is evident in our ability to screen for diseases at the right time, catch more potential problems sooner when they’re treatable, and improve the quality of life in patients with chronic health issues like diabetes or high blood pressure so they are well controlled and pose fewer complications. It all amounts to quality measures that allow you to pursue life to your fullest, and results in lifesaving benefits for you and your family.