Wellness Tools


Wellness Matters!

For a higher quality of life, filled with vitality and purpose, strive for wellness!

Making healthier lifestyle choices that help you avoid chronic diseases is fundamental to your wellness. In fact, according to the CDC, chronic diseases account for 75 percent of total healthcare costs, yet they are also the most preventable types of diseases. That includes heart disease, stroke, and obesity.

Yet wellness is much more than just optimal physical health. It also encompasses sound emotional health, spiritual, interpersonal, occupational, intellectual, environmental and social wellbeing.

By achieving balance in all areas of wellness and making prudent lifestyle choices, you can increase the quality and years of your life. Start today by checking out the following wellness tools!

ThedaCare's Optimal Nutrition Guidelines

5 Day Plant Strong Menu

Food Rules

Healthy Snacks

Food and Exercise Record

Goal Setting Worksheet