Someone Who Cares

Courtney Breit

Courtney Breit, a 16 year old girl, knows just how quick your life can change. On June 19, she was in a traumatic car crash that left her with lower extremity injuries, and required her to be flown by ThedaStar to Children’s Hospital for surgery.

During her two hospital stays, she had time to think about how rough her situation was, but knew there were children with situations worse than her own. 

Every patient admitted to Children’s Hospital received a blanket, bear and pillowcases.  Courtney said, “Receiving a blanket and a bear just make it feel a little less like a hospital and more like home. It helps to take your mind off of the pain.” That is when her mother said Courtney came up with the idea of giving back through the “Blankets and Bears from Someone Who Cares” project. Courtney explained, “People don’t always get to choose their situation. This is a small way to help out children.”

Courtney, along with her family and friends, had a “Teddy Bear Toss” at her high school’s volleyball game. The involvement from the crowd was amazing. She also organized days of blanket making with the help of her community. She relies on donations of materials for the blankets. She is thrilled with the support and donations she has received. 

By Susan Woelfel, ThedaStar Communication Specialist