Support Area Blood Drives and Donate Blood

In the last two weeks of December there were large drops in blood donations, but hospital patients still needed blood. This means the blood supply needs to be replenished, and donations given in the next few days and weeks are vital to this effort. 

I’ve seen many patients receive lifesaving blood transfusions, from people injured in snowmobile crashes to cancer patients who needed regular transfusions. The blood given to these patients came from volunteer blood donors.

Many organizations are hosting a blood drive in the next few days.  I encourage you to donate at a blood drive, and help replenish the blood supply. If you have questions about giving blood, call the Community Blood Center at (800)280-4102. 

As a doctor, I have no way of knowing which patients will come through the emergency room doors in need of transfusions.  I do know that volunteer donors help ensure that blood is available for these patients and others needing transfusions. 

Please support area blood drives by donating blood.  If you can’t give blood, please encourage others to donate.  Thank you.


Ray Georgen, MD, Trauma Medical Director
Theda Clark Medical Center