The Little Things

It is often the “little” things – the “small” acts of kindness and generosity that make a big impact on the lives of patients and families at Appleton Medical Center.  Hear stories of how patient’s lives are enriched by gifts from our community.

Curt Weinaug started a small but meaningful ritual with his wife Betty. They always shared a bag of freshly popped popcorn on the long days spent together at Cancer Center Support Services where Betty was undergoing treatment for lung cancer. Sadly, she succumbed to the disease, yet inspired her husband to expand his popcorn ministry to other patients and families undergoing cancer treatment at ThedaCare Cancer Care. Watch how Curt’s Popcorn Basket helps him deliver more than just one kind of nourishment. He helps soothe the body and soul.



Dean High and his wife Patricia were partners in life and partners in business. When Pat lost her battle with small cell lung cancer at just age 45, Dean chose to honor his beloved wife with his support of the newly updated High Hopes Salon at ThedaCare Cancer Care as part of Cancer Center Support Services.  A service Patricia needed, enjoyed and appreciated, other women can now get expert, compassionate advice about a little thing that means a whole lot– looking good and feeling better.