A New Chapter Begins for True Hometown Heroes

A special thank-you to Jerry and Tammy Schneider for their years of service to St. Nazianz and the surrounding communities. ThedaStar salutes you!

By Kayla Schneider

I’m at a loss for words as a new chapter begins, not only for my parents, but also for me. We no longer will attend calls together.

My parents have been dedicated to serving their St. Nazianz community for 25 years, and I am so proud of them both. From a little girl, I remember always being at the station and thinking someday I want to be just like them.

Mom and Dad, you both have shown what true hometown heroes are. No matter what, you always dropped everything for others. From personal phone calls to our house, to driving and coming upon a scene, and to the endless other calls. Thank you both for everything.

Dad, I thank you for everything you have taught me in the fire service. From being together in the same tender on my first call, to checking in to make sure we both are OK, and for the endless memories we have together. I'll miss meeting you at the door at 2 a.m., the knuckles on, and after calls. And most of all, I’ll miss having my dad be in the department with me.

Mom, I am so proud of the years of service you put in, the amazing fish boils that were a success every year, and your dedication to saving a life every time the tone dropped or our phone rang. I will miss seeing you after coming out of a burning building to have you check me over and ask how I'm doing.

Now it’s time for the both of you to relax and enjoy time together!