Audrey's Story: Residential Living At The Heritage

“The people here make this a home.” -- Audrey

I actually declined the waiting list for The Heritage—can you believe it?! But, as my husband Bob was showing signs of slowing down, we got on the list. We were very excited when an apartment became available. Bob and I were able to do a lot together. We headed up a community group where we asked interesting people to come in and speak. We had a nice apartment, I could see the sunrise and sunset, and I was with Bob. That’s all that mattered.

After he passed, it was tough to adjust to a new way of life. But, I’ve been keeping a positive outlook. I like to stay busy. I play bridge here and I’m in charge of our Bridge Marathon. But, I can still drive and I’m part of several groups outside of The Heritage as well. There are so many opportunities here that I’m not even taking advantage of!