Barb's Story: 'I Was In Good Hands'

“I work at the hospital and am here every day. But this was the first time aside from having my children that I was on the other side, as a patient. I knew I was in good hands." -- Barb

It was December 30, late afternoon and I was taking down the tree and cleaning up after our holiday visitors had gone. I felt tired and decided to take a short nap on the couch. When I woke, I had trouble getting up. I was dizzy, couldn’t walk well, and my right side was clunky. I told my husband something was wrong and we went to the ER. 

I got very good care in the ER and was diagnosed with a stroke right away. After a CT scan they transferred me to the Neenah hospital where the staff was wonderful and so very caring.

Once back home, I had several weeks of speech, occupational, and physical therapy at New London. I experienced the same awesome care and they really helped me to reach a good recovery. When I first had the stroke, my arms wouldn’t do what I wanted them to do! It was hard to even hold a pen. Now I’m back to doing just about everything I did before—working, playing the piano, crafting and teaching crafts.