Noelle’s Story: In Mom-Crazy Moments, Dr. Ken Centers Me

“I have a lot of questions and tend to be a worrier, especially when it comes to my children. In those mom-crazy moments, Dr. Ken centers me. It’s a good partnership.”

When it comes to the health of my children, I’m a very cautious mom. I don’t like to do a lot of medications or procedures. I want to try things naturally first. Dr. Ken’s been so great about that. But at times, he will honestly say, for example, “Wren really needs an antibiotic.” And I know he’s doing what’s in the best interest of my kids because I know he respects that I prefer a more natural approach.

Right after Cliffton turned one he got pneumonia. Dr. Ken and his staff were just incredible. They took my calls, listened to my concerns, gave me recommendations and then kept calling me back and checking on him. They eventually sent us to the ER and we ended up admitting him into Children’s Hospital for four nights. Before he was discharged, Dr. Ken followed up to make sure I was comfortable with the discharge plan.

My kids love Dr. Ken and are so trusting of him! When one goes, they all want to go and it becomes a family trip. We live in Appleton but we choose to drive to Neenah just to see him.