Steven's Story

“Cancer is a scary word, but it was a lot scarier years ago. We’ve gotten so much smarter at fighting this disease and it can be beat. There’s no way in the world people should give up.” -- Steven 

When I turned 50, I had my first colonoscopy. My wife Lisa is a nurse, so she made sure I did it. That’s when they found a lesion. Turns out I had a rare lymphoma. I had no symptoms and was in excellent health, so it was a real surprise. The toughest thing was telling my family. I wanted to stay strong and 100 percent positive to help them stay positive.

Chemotherapy was the best way to go, so I set out to find the right doctor for me—one who had deep experience and the knowledge to give me the best chance to beat this and get my life back. I wasn’t looking for a physician with compassion or a good bedside manner; I wanted one with intelligence and expertise in fighting lymphoma. But I got it all when I chose ThedaCare.

Right from the get-go I had an entire, high-caliber health care team on my side. They knew my case so well I felt like I was their only patient. I was also able to have several chemo treatments in Neenah. It was nice to have all the care I needed right here in the valley.