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Taking a Fresh Look at ThedaCare

It isn’t often a company refreshes its brand in a truly significant way. It’s a time consuming and sometimes challenging process, and it forces some deep introspection. And as we learned at ThedaCare, it’s also invigorating and affirming. Read more

ThedaCare Unveils Hospital Gardens

ThedaCare added three new raised flower beds at Appleton Medical Center to grow produce and herbs for use in its hospital cafeterias and educate visitors and other employees about various gardening techniques. Read more

Rehab Therapist Looks Back at 40 Years of Care

When Bryan Cummings began working as a rehabilitation therapist 40 years ago at Wild Rose Community Memorial Hospital, he was the only one in Waushara County, which meant he was on the road a lot. “I worked at the hospital here, but also saw patients in nursing homes, the old hospital in Wautoma as well as seeing patients in their own homes,” said Cummings, who retired earlier this month. “You had to specialize in everything because you were it.” Read more

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