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Sleep Apnea Causes Severe Health Problems

It’s estimated 500,000 Americans have sleep apnea, but many are unaware they have the dangerous disorder, which causes a person to stop breathing while sleeping. Apnea, which means breathing stops, can go undiagnosed since its symptoms are usually “silent” for the person affected, but not necessarily for family members, who may be awakened by loud snoring or notice you stop and restart breathing while asleep. Read more

Score One For Courage and a Little Help From Some Everyday Heroes

Some of us may have unrealized aspirations or dreams we haven’t quite captured for “fear of trying” or maybe even failing. Taking those first steps or “just doing it” can honor our psyche more than actualizing the goal itself. However, confronting our fears and taking that leap of faith forward oftentimes warrants the most courage. And that bravery can be expedited by some of our key heroes. Read more

Hospitalist Budi Joins ThedaCare

ThedaCare welcomes Desirae Budi, DO, a hospitalist who will practice at ThedaCare Regional Medical Center-Appleton and ThedaCare Regional Medical Center-Neenah. Read more

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