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Embracing Wellness in the Workplace

What keeps people healthy and productive? How is disease prevented? And most importantly, why should employers care about those questions? Read more

ThedaCare Welcomes Nurse Practitioner Martins

Patricia Martins, APNP, provides high risk breast care at Encircle Health in Appleton. She is a member of the staff at Fox Valley Surgical Associates. Read more

Health Care at the Speed of E-Visits

In an age when electronic communication often helps simplify and speed access to information, last May ThedaCare launched patient e-Visits with primary care providers. E-Visits do not require patients to go into a clinic to be seen in person by a care provider; rather, patients log on to their MyThedaCare private web account, select what they want to be “seen” for, and answer several questions specific to their ailment. Within two hours, they will receive a response from their physician, including a plan of care and a prescription, if needed. Read more

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