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Snow Skiing and Snowboarding Tips

Snow skiing and snowboarding can be another fun way to stay active in the winter months. These activities can potentially lead to injuries so it is important to follow all safety recommendations. Read more

ThedaCare Names Director, Transitions of Care

ThedaCare has named Carrie Riley to director of Transitions of Care. In this role, she is responsible for the Heritage-Peabody Communities, Juliette Manor, senior care services, ThedaCare Hospice, palliative care and the chaplains at both ThedaCare Regional Medical Center-Neenah and ThedaCare Regional Medical Center-Appleton. Read more

Pischke Comes Home to Practice in the Fox Valley

Dr. Krystina Pischke, DO, has been fascinated with doctors and clinics as long as she can remember. As a little girl growing up in the Fox Valley, she asked to go along on her family’s appointments just to see the buzz of the busy clinic. That interest deepened as she grew older and began volunteering at Appleton Medical Center. “I started in the daycare and the gift shop, but I was happy when I had a chance to work in the surgical center.” Read more

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