Blanket Warmer Offers Comfort to Oncology Patients

April 12, 2012

RMC Blanket Warmer

A blanket can provide the simple pleasures of warmth and comfort.  

Recently, the Riverside Health Foundation in Waupaca purchased a blanket warmer to provide warm blankets for oncology patients in the Oncology Treatment area at Riverside Medical Center (RMC).

A warm blanket can mean a great deal to patients, said Donna Trinrud, scheduling and multi-specialty clinic manager at Riverside Medical Center. Some patients are in the office for several hours while receiving treatments, she said. And there are others who are naturally cold or become so while receiving infusions.

Trinrud said a member of the foundation saw the need for a blanket warmer while visiting with a friend who was receiving a treatment session. The member set about to ordering the $5,000 blanket warmer, which was received in February.

Trinrud said the blanket warmer is a welcome addition to the clinic and its oncology patients. The blanket warmer is not visible in the chemotherapy suite but a posted sign advertises their availability.   “Patients are happy that they’ve got this opportunity, something that’s going to make them feel better for the time they are here,” she said.

Foundation President Steve Huhta agreed. “The Foundation is pleased to serve Riverside’s oncology patients by helping make their visits a little more comfortable as the result of being wrapped in a warm blanket,” he said.

Trinrud said the foundation’s gift was generous and thoughtful. “Budgets are tight and you can’t always get 'luxuries',” she said “It’s very, very considerate.”