CBI Leaders Turn to ThedaCare

CBIM Gemba

The ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value recently launched the Clinical Business Intelligence Network (CBIN), a peer-to-peer learning community that brings together healthcare leaders focused on leveraging data and performance analytics more effectively within their organizations.  

Business Intelligence allows healthcare systems to take a closer look at patient conditions and quality data, behaviors and outcomes to gain deeper understanding and identify key improvement areas.

Last month, 15 CBIN guests toured ThedaCare to see firsthand examples of how ThedaCare manages its business intelligence. Guests included administrators and managers from Bellin Health, Boulder Community Hospital, Marquette University, and more. Visitors had the chance to learn from Gemba walks to the corporate visual room, an inpatient unit and other ThedaCare venues.

“Pairing Clinical Business Intelligence with Operational Performance Excellence programs is transformational,” said Julie Bartels, executive vice president of National Health information for the Center.

ThedaCare continues to set a leadership example for a wide variety of colleagues and guests who walk through our doors.

Thank you for your great work, which make this possible!