Dad Doctor Has Stronger Appreciation for Expecting Families

Daniel Sutton, MD 

Daniel Sutton, a family doctor at ThedaCare Physicians-Waupaca, has delivered numerous babies. He guided patients through their nine months of pregnancy. And he has provided well child visits to those babies he helped deliver.

Now, having been on the other side of the delivery room, “it really has changed things a little bit,” said Dr. Sutton, who, with his wife Tina, welcomed a son, William, in March.

He can relate more with patients now that he and his wife have gone through the experience of pregnancy and delivery at Riverside Medical Center. “In residency a patient would request a doctor who had children,” said Dr. Sutton. “At the time I would think I don’t understand what the difference is.”

Experiencing all his wife has gone through gives him a greater understanding of the concerns and issues his patients might be having. “There are things I ask for and look at,” he said. “It has changed my style of how to approach pregnancy.”

For instance, he realizes the importance of expecting the unexpected. His wife required a Cesarean section, although, initially, she was certain she would not need to worry about it.  “It was very nerve-wracking for her,” said Dr. Sutton.

But it was a comfort to have familiar doctors on hand. Dr. Sarah Durst is his wife’s family doctor, providing the obstetrical care and well-child visits and also performed the Cesarean section. “It was nice to have someone we knew and trusted,” he said.

Deliveries have a different feel for him now. He knows the concerns and anxiousness and pain that accompany delivery. After the delivery, he understands the issues that come with sleepless nights, trying to breast feed and worrying about the baby’s well-being. “Having a baby is a real big difference,” said Dr. Sutton.

Dr. Sutton also felt his family was in good hands with the doctors and staff at ThedaCare Physicians-Waupaca and RMC. “It’s nice to see the care that the patients receive, to know they are well taken care of and supported,” he said.