Family Doctor Delivers Quality Care

Mindy Schroeder of Hortonville had no problems selecting a family doctor to be her obstetrician.

Working at the birthing center at New London Family Medical Center gave her some insight on who she wanted caring for her and her baby. In 2009, she selected Timothy Houlihan, MD, a family doctor at ThedaCare Physicians-New London, to deliver her first baby.

“I really liked how he was with all the other patients I’d seen him with,” said Schroeder, 27.

She is expecting her third child later this May and has been pleased with the level of care she has received from Dr. Houlihan, who is one of five family doctors at TCP-NL who provide obstetrical services.

“He is very down to earth, caring and very open with his opinion,” said Schroeder, noting he is also the family’s family doctor, providing well-child visits, physicals, urgent care needs and more.

“It’s fun to take care of these patients,” said Dr. Houlihan. “It is also an opportunity to bring a quality of care to them for the months ahead.”

Schroeder grew up having a family doctor and is pleased to have one to care for her family’s needs.  “He knows you from the beginning, from the start of your pregnancy through your kids growing up,” she said. “He knows your whole history.”

She likes how he is with her kids, ages 3 and 22 months. “That brings a level of comfort because he is a familiar face,” she said, noting she brings the kids to her prenatal visits and the kids are comfortable around him, which prepares them for when they need to see the doctor. “He’s really good with kids.”

Schroeder said she knows she is in good hands with Dr. Houlihan. “It’s comforting that he knows my history of my other pregnancies,” she said, noting she had some preterm issues with her other two. “I really like him as a doctor.”

Schroeder also likes that “the clinic and the hospital are all right there.” She knows if she needs monitoring or additional testing, she can go next door to the hospital. “Being from the area, it’s nice to have the hospital right nearby,” she said.

She will receive individualized care at all times while at the birthing center. “I am comfortable delivering there,” she said. “I feel comfortable with all the nurses and staff and everything.”

Also serving with Dr. Houlihan at TCP-NL are Michal Fetterolf, MD; Sarah Haroldson, MD; Joseph Lamb, MD; and Subha Rajan, MD.