Keeping the Patient Front and Center

March 22, 2012

Luann Killoren

Luann Killoren, a clinical lab assistant at New London Family Medical Center, isn’t the type to seek the spotlight. Her colleagues describe her as humble, not looking for recognition — Luann would simply call it serving her patients.

About 18 months ago, a lab patient put in a request for home service and, in keeping with ThedaCare’s patient-centered approach, the lab broadened its services to respond. Luann immediately volunteered for the assignment.

She now does home visits once a week, more if the need arises. Since she’s a half-time employee, Luann often takes time out of her personal schedule to do these at-home lab draws if the patient’s required bloodwork falls on her day off.

While the distance Luann travels is not far — usually no more than a couple miles — her dedication to providing the best patient experience is invaluable. Non-ambulatory patients are grateful that they don’t need to travel outside for their bloodwork, especially in poor weather.

Luann’s visits also give homebound patients the social interaction they miss. She has formed a deep and lasting friendship with one of her regular patients.

“Luann walks the walk and is a great example of how going that little extra mile can make a huge difference,” said her co-worker Diane Pelky.