ThedaCare Physicians-Waupaca Doctor Goes the Distance

Dan Sutton, MD

Dan Sutton, MD, practices what he preaches. As a doctor, he knows that something he believes in is applicable both professionally and personally. As a marathon runner, Dr. Sutton believes being in top physical shape is an integral part of his personal life, and he sees running as a test of dedication and endurance.

Dr. Sutton practices family medicine at ThedaCare Physicians–Waupaca. While new to Waupaca, he has lived in Wisconsin all of his life. Originally from West Bend, Dr. Sutton earned his undergraduate from UW-La Crosse, received his medical degree from UW-Madison, and completed his residency at the UW Department of Family Medicine at Baraboo.

His passion for running began with his father, who ran a 5K in their hometown every year. Dr. Sutton joined in when he was 12 years old and, by college, had transitioned from shorter runs to marathons. “I found it easier and more enjoyable to train for marathons as opposed to shorter races, which have a more intensive training regimen called speed workouts,” he said.

Dr. Sutton has run in the Chicago Marathon, as well as the 2008 Olympic trials in New York. He also participated in local Fox Valley races. The most rewarding race for him was a 10K charity race in Baraboo dedicated to a high school student who died in an accident.

Dr. Sutton enjoys the beauty of the Fox Valley area, running in areas like Hartmann Creek and Swan Park in Waupaca.

26.2 Miles Begins with One Step

Thinking of taking up running? Here’s Dr. Sutton’s advice:

  • Make it fun. Go to a state or local park. Partake in a scavenger hunt or sprint between a series of landmarks. 
  • Set goals. This could be running a particular time or distance. 
  • Start slow and be realistic. The quickest way to get discouraged is to over-train and get injured.  Increase your weekly mileage by no more than 10%. Listen to your body. If you are experiencing pain, cross-train or rest for a few days to avoid injury.
  • Buy a good pair of running shoes and replace them every 500 miles.