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Time is Now to Kick Off Your 5K Training

Even though it doesn’t look like it outside, spring will soon be here. And just as flowers start appearing so do 5k fundraising runs and walks. These activities are great reasons to get outside and get exercise. But unless you’re an avid exerciser, you can’t wake up and just run a 5k. You need to train for it. You’ll need seven weeks to properly train for a 5k, which is 3.1 miles. Read more

Never Too Late to Give Up Smoking

There are few worse habits for your health than smoking. Smoking not only damages your lungs and increases your chances of COPD, emphysema, and lung cancer, it also raises your blood pressure and causes cardiovascular problems. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services estimates that 7,000 state residents die each year from illnesses directly tied to smoking. Read more

Interval Training Amps Up Your Workout

If you are looking to shake up your fitness regimen or start a new one, interval training can make a big difference. It is a great way to burn more calories in less time while improving your cardio fitness. Read more

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