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The Ticks Are Back In Town

Spring and summer in Wisconsin means green grass, flowers blooming, turkeys gobbling and the emergence of the ectoparasite commonly known as the tick. Ticks are active already and are hungry. Read more

Don’t Miss Your Shot; Childhood Immunizations Save Lives

Rarely is there a parent who sees his or her sick child and doesn’t wish to take all the pain and agony away. As a pediatric nurse practitioner at ThedaCare Physicians-Pediatrics, I believe parents remove the threat of many dangerous, potentially deadly childhood diseases when they opt to get their children immunized. Read more

Don't Walk To The Nearest Running Shoe Store: Run!

Hockey has expensive skates and bulky pads. Baseball requires a leather glove, a batting glove, and spikes. But runners have one piece of equipment—running shoes. Running shoes do a lot more than protect your feet as you pound on the miles. Read more

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