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Getting A Healthy Start on the School Year

Don’t tell the kids, but a new school year is right around the corner. Besides buying the pencils, markers, glue sticks and other supplies, you also need to make sure they are ready health-wise for school. I know changing sleeping patterns or making sure vaccinations are up-to-date are not as fun as buying school supplies, but they are still necessary to help your children get ready for the upcoming school year. Read more

Making Healthcare Decisions, Risks Versus Benefits

Healthcare decisions can be difficult. Three major factors determine how healthcare decisions are made. When considering a treatment or a procedure the factors that need to be considered are the risks, the benefits and the cost. The main challenge is to be able to predict the potential benefit of a treatment or a procedure compared to the risk of the treatment or procedure. The other challenge is to know if the cost is justified by the potential benefit gained. Read more

Are You Motivated?

Lack of ambition or lack of motivation is not an illness but rather is a symptom people often complain of. Inability to motivate oneself can affect job performance, relationships and satisfaction with life. Lack of ambition can be a symptom of a depressed mood. There is ongoing debate about how much this symptom is related to biology and how much is influenced by changes in attitude and outlook. Read more

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