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You May Not be Sick; You Could be Wilting

Wouldn’t it be grand if you could help ward off fatigue, irritability, headaches, and even “brain fog” or cognition problems with a relatively inexpensive elixir? There is a good chance that these symptoms arise out of a very basic and prevalent problem — dehydration. Read more

Are You Motivated?

Lack of ambition or lack of motivation is not an illness but rather is a symptom people often complain of. Inability to motivate oneself can affect job performance, relationships and satisfaction with life. Lack of ambition can be a symptom of a depressed mood. There is ongoing debate about how much this symptom is related to biology and how much is influenced by changes in attitude and outlook. Read more

Don't Wait, Set up School, Sports Physicals

It may only be July, but retailers are getting an early start on the back-to-school rush by putting out the school supplies. And today’s students need more than notebooks, pens, markers and other supplies – many need physicals or immunizations before the start of school.

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