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Do We Need to Worry About the Bird Flu?

Recently you may have seen or heard reports of out breaks of “bird flu.” In Minnesota there have been over five million domestic turkeys and chickens that have died as a result of the outbreak. Many of the birds have been destroyed due to exposure to the virus. There have not been any known human cases though the bird flu can have some implications for humans. Read more

Warm Up Key Part of Run

One of the biggest mistakes I see runners make is forgetting to stretch. If they’re outside, they often just head down the driveway and go, or if they are inside, they hop on the treadmill and hit start. They completely forget to warm-up. Read more

The Ticks Are Back in Town

Springtime in Wisconsin is finally here. This means green grass, flowers blooming, turkeys gobbling, and the emergence of the ectoparasite commonly known as the tick. Ticks are active already and are hungry. If you spend time outdoors in Wisconsin, you are likely to encounter ticks. What can you do to reduce your chance of having an unhealthy encounter with a tick? Read more

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