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Mindful Summer Snacking

Too often summer snacking is centered around popsicles, potato chips, and cured meats. The key to changing your family’s snacking routine is to change the way you access food in the summer. After all, this is the only time in Wisconsin when our options for sourcing food grow exponentially—think farmers’ markets, roadside stands, pick-your-own berry patches, and community supported agriculture (CSA) subscriptions, not to mention your own garden. Read more

Your First Fitness Goal: Think of Yourself as a Person Who Exercises

“The mood benefits are addictive. That’s what hooks a lot of people,” said Michael Kagen, MD, of ThedaCare Physicians-Internal Medicine in Appleton. He’s referring to a person’s plan to be more active, which very quickly results in an improved mood and an overall energy boost. Read more

When Stress Sticks Around

Chronic stress is when our bodies do not return to their more relaxed state. Our hearts keep racing, our muscles stay tense, and we breathe quickly, not deeply. A number of essential body functions stay suppressed, like our digestive systems, reproductive organs, and our immunity to infections. Headaches, sleeplessness, depressed mood, anger, and irritability can all be caused by stress, and they can lead to more serious diseases like obesity, depression, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Read more

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