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Prepare Yourself for Running Outside

After what seems to have been an endless winter, spring has finally arrived and more runners will move from the treadmill to the pavement. Running outside is different than running inside and it’s not just because you’re no longer in a controlled environment running a pre-programmed route. Read more

Simple Tips Can Make Big Nutritional Difference

We’re bombarded daily with advice and tips to eat healthy. We also know we should be doing it, but eating healthy isn’t easy. Many people are unsure where to start, worry about maintaining it or are afraid of giving up their favorite foods. I get it. I’ve struggled too with eating healthy, but by taking little steps you will see a big difference. Read more

What Would You Do if You Witnessed a Cardiac Arrest?

The best chance for survival is when the cardiac arrest is witnessed, CPR is started immediately, and there is access to advanced life saving treatment in a short time. Read more

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