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How to Help Your Child Stop Biting

It is common for a child to bite others at some point during their early years. Our family has recently experienced this issue with our toddler. I have found that young children may bite for a variety of reasons. Here are some suggestions for things to try at home.
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What Health Information or Supplies Does My College Bound Child Need?

First of all, your son or daughter is now considered an adult, and should take responsibility for his or her own health. Therefore, you should review the health history, including the family history. Make sure your child takes a copy of their immunizations and medications to school for reference. Instruct them on using an insurance card, and how to determine coverage. Read more

Staying Hydrated Key to Successful Summer Runs

Summer is the ideal time to be outside – the days are extra long and there’s plenty of sun. For those exercising outside – especially those training for upcoming half-marathons or marathons this fall -- it’s important to take extra precautions to stay safe.
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