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Train For Your Vacation

Summer will soon be here (so they tell me) when many of my patients and friends will head out on vacation. Especially as we age, muscle tone, balance, and cardiovascular fitness will play a big role in how much we are able to enjoy—and recover from—our long days of exploration. Read more

Teens Still Need Their Pediatrician

The majority of teens between age 13 and 17 go on a hiatus from regular wellness visits during these years. Whereas their parents brought them in for well-child appointments and immunizations when they were younger, once puberty starts, I usually see my teen patients only if they are sick or need a required health screening. Read more

Take Your Workout Outside This Spring

As the temperatures warm up, more of us head outside to get our exercise. Walking, running or biking outside is a great option – it is convenient, cost-free and you get plenty of fresh air. Read more

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