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Pre-Pregnancy Checklist

Before getting pregnant, mothers-to-be can ready a body for a growing baby. See a doctor. Make an appointment, even if there have been previous pregnancies. Talk to a doctor about family history, any health issues that need to be addressed and previous pregnancies. If there are some diseases that run in the family, consider seeing a genetic counselor or do preconception screening tests. Read more

Thankful, Grateful, and Healthy

Thanksgiving is a day set aside as a holiday to give thanks for what we have. Traditionally it has been celebrated in the fall to give thanks and show appreciation for the harvest. Thankfulness or gratefulness is a healthy emotion. Much of how we feel or how we perceive our sense of well-being is linked to our emotions. People who practice gratefulness on a regular basis tend to be healthier. Read more

Stopping Side Stitches in Their Tracks

Anyone who’s gone for a run has likely experienced a side stitch – that sharp pain across your abdomen, just below the rib cage. While there are a few different theories about what causes them – whether it’s related to muscle fatigue, irregular breathing or what you ate or drank before a run – side stitches can literally stop some runners in their tracks. Read more

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