AMC & TC Birth Centers to Give Free Whooping Cough Vaccine to New Moms, Family

April 11, 2012

Tdap Vaccine

The Birth Centers at Appleton Medical Center and Theda Clark Medical Center launched an innovative program, called the Tdap Cocooning Initiative.  This state-funded program allows us access to provide Tdap (whooping cough) vaccine to moms, other family members, and close contacts of our newborns.  This comes at a great time because of the high number of cases of pertussis we have experienced as a region over the past several months.   

By cocooning the newborn, wrapping him or her in the arms of family and friends who are protected against whooping cough, their chance of contracting this disease is diminished. Babies eventually get the vaccine  – but not as newborns. From birth to that vaccine they are highly susceptible to the disease.