Challenge Yourself and Others to Prevent Health Issues

What is the definition of prevention? To keep from happening. To anticipate or counter in advance. 

This is the buzz word of healthcare. When you think about it, prevention is not a naughty word. But too many people take it that way, because we become set in our ways. Prevention is what everyone should try to do in their lives, because it just makes sense.

This year, I challenge you to take something on in your life that will be part of a prevention mode. This idea will add something to your life and can only help your life, instead of destroying it. The ideas can prevent something from being negative in your life. Make prevention a positive in your life. No one ever said it would be easy.  However, with small steps, prevention can be the key to an easier life in the end. That’s what we can all look toward – retirement and having an easier life. 

Start that exercise program because you are preventing heart disease, diabetes, stress or early death. Exercise can assist with cancer patients, stroke patients, lung patients, arthritic patients, and so many more conditions. There is information found all of the time that proves the benefit of exercise and how it can prevent. 

Begin that project because you are making your home a better place for yourself or a family member. Create home meal planning because it is better for you and tastes better. Activate relationships that have faltered because you know there can always be some good in everyone. Initiate the person you can become, because it is the right thing to do. Smile – it brings happiness to others, calms you (from physical as well as mental stress), and makes you feel better! Let yourself feel the importance of a smile and laughter.

Look at your life today. Anticipate where it is headed. Challenge yourself and others to prevent health issues – be they physical or mental, because you can and you do not have to settle for life just happening. Prevent and make life happen for you!

By Kim Kandler, athletic trainer, ThedaCare Orthopedic Care at New London Family Medical Center.