Chef Larry's Must Haves in the Pantry

ThedaCare’s Executive Chef Larry London admits there are some items he “must have” in his pantry.

Those items are:

  • Extra virgin olive oil. It is a healthy fat, and is good for tossing with vinegars or citrus for a quick salad dressing or it can be used for a quick sauté.
  • Brown rice. It is a  good all-around whole grain, very versatile for all parts of the day.
  • Whole wheat pasta. Chef Larry has to have some pasta around.  This makes for quick, simple dishes with garlic, vegetables, pesto, herbs, etc.. 
  • Quinoa. This is a personal favorite of Chef Larry’s.  Quinoa is a complete plant-based protein that is satisfying and versatile for salads and side dishes.
  • Potatoes. Chef Larry likes all kinds, including russet, reds, yukons, sweet and fingerling.  Potatoes are great for roasting, grilling and mashing. They are healthy, delicious and cost effective.
  • Onions. “They are nature’s sugar,” Chef Larry said.  “Sweat them down to release their sweet goodness for a great addition to any dish.  I like them raw as well or on the grill.”
  • Garlic. It brings so much flavor to the party.  You can use it roasted, sautéed or raw.  And, it is good for helping to lower blood pressure too!
  • Apples and bananas. These fruits are quick, healthy snacks available year round with good shelf life. They are there when you need an energy boost in a pinch.