Chef Larry's Must Haves in the Refrigerator

ThedaCare’s Executive Chef Larry London says there are some items he “must have” in his refrigerator.

They include:

  • Lean ground turkey. It is versatile, and very low in fat and cholesterol.  People can use it for burgers, sloppy joe’s, spaghetti, etc. “My kids love it!” he said.
  • All-natural chicken breast. It is a great lean protein, easy to prepare, versatile, and cost effective.  It can be made in many ways:  marsala, piccata, on the grill, or in a sandwich.
  • Fresh herbs. They bring so much flavor to the party! Fresh herbs make it easy to cut fat, salt and sugar because you have other flavors.  Grow your own this time of year.
  • Fresh vegetables. Chef Larry has whatever is fresh and in-season because it is cost-effective and nutritious.
  • Avocadoes. These are a personal favorite.  Chef Larry loves guacamole.  You can also use avocadoes on sandwiches or salads. “Think of it as a great replacement for butter or mayo,” Chef Larry said. “It is a healthy plant-based fat.”