Tips for Successful Weight Loss

A lot of people don't realize that only a 10% reduction in weight is enough to achieve amazing medical benefits. While those 350 pound patients on The Biggest Loser are doing great and losing 100s of pounds, sometimes it's unrealistic for the majority of people, and if they only lost 35 pounds, they'd drastically help their blood pressure, diabetes, etc. After achieving that initial goal, then we can work on going further.

  • Set realistic goals. Tackle them one at a time and in the end you'll be more successful.
  • Have some accountability, so make your goals objectively measurable so you can track your progress.
  • Have a "backup plan" in case you don't achieve your goals. This should be time to reflect on everything you've done to achieve that goal and analyze what it is you could've done differently or what you didn't do so you can be more successful the next time.
  • Lastly, don't blame yourself! You are your own worst enemy. Keep a positive attitude and stick with it! You've already done amazing things in your life, already overcome difficult obstacles, so you can definitely do this!