New London Family Medical Center Dedicates Chemotherapy Suite

June 24, 2011

With the recent opening of the new chemotherapy suite at New London Family Medical Center, Dewey Carl and his children have found some solace, as well as a way to honor the legacy of a beloved wife and mother.

“This would make her very happy,” said Carl, whose wife, Beverly, died of cancer in 2008. “She was the type of person who was always helping others, and this room will help a lot of people.”

Dewey, his three grown children and their families, and some 50 community members turned out for the unveiling and dedication of the new chemo suite on Friday, June 17. The large, spacious room, which is warmed by sunny picture windows, was designed to offer cancer patients the best in comfort and amenities as they undergo chemotherapy.

The new room, dedicated in Beverly’s honor, was made possible by generous donations from the Carl family along with support from nearly 200 donors and supporters, including the family of Joyce Marcks.

“This is a place of hope and healing and my mother would be very, very proud,” said Sue Bender, one of Marcks’ daughters. Marcks, who was from New London, lost her battle with cancer in 2009.

Bender, who was joined by her family for the ceremony, said her mother’s spirit – and desire to offer hope to other cancer patients – lives on.

“I can feel that my mom is here with us,” Bender said. “I can see her smiling and shaking everyone’s hands. She would be so touched by this. This is closure for us and a happy ending to a sad time.”

Harry Radix, chairman of the Wolf River Area Health Care Foundation, said the Marcks and Carl families were the impetus for the project.

“Because of these two families, we really got this project going,” said Radix. “As this project unfolded, I can’t tell you how humbled we are by the way this community rallied around this project.”

The new suite, which cost $280,000, features reclining chairs, privacy curtains, individual TVs, and space for loved ones to sit with patients while they receive treatment.

“Our goal was to make sure we are delivering service to our communities that’s as good or better than you can get anywhere else,” said NLFMC president and CEO Bill Schmidt. “We feel very strongly today that this chemo center is state of the art and is going to serve our patients and our communities years and years into the future.”

During the emotion-filled dedication, Carol Renning, director of the New London Family Medical Center Board, recited a poem, “On the Wings of Hope,” as butterflies were released and seen fluttering past the room’s windows.

“We wish those currently fighting the battle energy and hope, and thank them for showing us what true bravery is all about,” Renning said.