The ThedaCare Family of Foundations

The world of philanthropy and fundraising often is made more complicated than it truly is.  The “rumors” of the challenges inherent within the work are often overstated because the work we do within the ThedaCare Family of Foundations is unknown for the most part.  I am not suggesting the work is “easy”, but with the right dose of passion, commitment and understanding, inviting people—inspiring people—to support the work of any of the Theda Care Medical Centers and Hospice Program is richly rewarding.

The ThedaCare Family of Foundations is comprised of five Foundations that support each Medical Center, a Foundation dedicated to Hospice care, and a Foundation that supports Heritage-Peabody.  The purpose of this overview is to share a few ways to look at our work within the Foundations.

First and foremost, we could not do the great work on the outside of the organization (i.e., in the community), if it were not for the extraordinary work that occurs each day in our clinics, home health, and medical center service areas.  Thank you for providing the Foundation Team with the stories to share with current and prospective givers. 

Second, the Foundation team views the work we do as a privileged opportunity to help transform the healthcare experience for every family.  Each year, the Foundation supports patients and families who choose ThedaCare by making grants to support capital equipment acquisitions, specific programs, and clinical scholarships.  In the past decade, the Foundations have collectively supported ThedaCare with more than $12 million in gifts.  We intend to double this over the next decade!

You can see how these gifts impact our patients and communities in these videos that were produced this past year for two special breakfasts at Theda Clark and AMC.  They are only a snapshot of all the good work taking place within ThedaCare. 

Theda Clark Medical Center Foundation

Appleton Medical Center Foundation


Finally, at the ThedaCare Family of Foundations, we take the continued commitment of our donors seriously and make the following promises:

We promise to never ask for anything – anything – unless there is truly a need. Other than never-ending compassion, we are dealing with limited resources. These precious resources will never be squandered or taken for granted.

We promise to do what we say we’ll do. With your donation. With our time and energy. Always on behalf of patients and their loved ones.

We promise to share how gifts were used. Whether your donation stands alone for a major project or gets combined with others for greater impact, we’ll report back to you on how your dollars are used.

We promise to be grateful. Giving should not feel like an obligation. Instead, we stand amazed and grateful for every act of kindness.

We know there are many stories of extraordinary care that were made possible through community donations and we look forward to sharing these stories with you in the coming months.

To participate in helping the Foundations help transform the healthcare experience for every family, please contact us at (920) 738-6503.

Good day,

Michael Frohna, CFRE

Executive Director, Philanthropy