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Shoulder Pain a Common Ailment

The shoulder has a wide range of motions and is used in everything from throwing a ball to picking an item off the ground. With multiple bones, tendons and muscles working together to provide a full-range of movement, diagnosing and treating shoulder pain can get complicated. Read more

Ovarian Cancer Can Be Difficult to Treat Early

Fortunately, ovarian cancer is relatively rare. It has a lifetime risk of 1.3 percent. Ovarian cancer is unique to women. Unfortunately, ovarian cancer can be difficult to detect early and difficult to treat because it is often advanced stage disease when diagnosed. Only 45 percent of women with ovarian cancer survive five years. It is the fifth leading cause of cancer death in women behind lung, breast, colon, and pancreas. Read more

Psychiatric Nursing: Embracing all Human Aspects of Healing—Body, Mind, and Spirit

When patients come to the inpatient psychiatric unit, they are suffering from mental illness or substance abuse that prevents them from caring for themselves and others they love. ThedaCare psychiatric nurses meet each individual with the same intentions: they are non-judgmental; they seek to keep the person safe; and they help him or her take the first steps toward wholeness and better mental health. Read more

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