Why ThedaCare?

Patient-Centered Care

At ThedaCare, you’re our top priority. At every clinic appointment, home visit, or hospital stay, and every phone call in between, we want to make you glad you chose ThedaCare.

Why ThedaCare

What makes ThedaCare different? When you call for an appointment, we make your schedule the priority, not ours. When we train our healthcare staff to be more efficient, it’s to free them up to spend more time with you. We work diligently to provide you the highest quality care, right in your community, while keeping costs as affordable as possible. It’s healthcare the way you always thought it should be.

Community Dedication 

Get world-class care, including the latest medical technologies, right in your community.

Quality & Costs 

Our focus on efficiency means your care team spends time with you instead of making you wait.

Convenient Care

Learn what ThedaCare has done to make healthcare more convenient for you and your family members.

A Partner That Listens 

At both an individual and community level, we’re here to listen and learn. Let us partner with you to improve your individual health or address community-wide health issues.