A Partner That Listens

You talk. We listen, we learn. Together, we take action.

It's Your Healthcare. Tell Us What You Need.
It may be a one-on-one conversation with your doctor or other care team member to talk about a particular health concern. It may be a broader conversation about issues that affect the health of our entire community. No matter what your concern is, we’re here to listen and learn.

Listening to Individuals
To ensure we keep patient care at the forefront of everything we do, we bring patients in to help us educate care team members and improve processes. Physicians and specialists hear right from the people we serve, learning what you like about your care and where we could do better. As a result of what we've learned, we've taken steps to make healthcare appointments more convenient for you, including same-day lab results at many locations, and greater access to same-day appointments. We're also dramatically changing the way we provide your hospital care using care coordination teams.

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Listening to the Community
Your individual health can be affected by what's happening in the community around you, including employment, education, the economy, and the environment. To learn about these issues and how we can help, ThedaCare has assembled a Community Health Action Team (CHAT), 25 leaders from all sectors of the community. Together with community members, these team members collaborate on projects that help address the challenges that get in the way of our community's health.

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You Want to Talk? We Want to Listen!
If you have questions, concerns, or ideas for improvement, please don’t hesitate to contact your doctor, your clinic, or your area hospital. Many of our best ideas come from patients like you.