Quality and Costs

At ThedaCare, reducing costs and delivering quality healthcare go hand-in-hand.

Streamlining Processes, Increasing Patient Time

Reducing costs doesn’t have to mean cutting corners on quality. We’ve searched the globe to discover how to create better systems and eliminate unnecessary steps—because the more time your doctors and nurses save on processes and paperwork, the more time they can spend with you.

Here are just a few ways ThedaCare has improved the quality of your care by becoming more efficient:

  • Introduced standardized processes for emergency heart attack and stroke treatment (Code STEMI and Code STROKE), which dramatically reduces the time it takes to receive life-saving treatment.
  • Improved productivity in our Radiation Department by 30%, which allows radiation staff to spend more time on your care.
  • Reduced the wait time for alcohol and drug treatment by 75 percent, which increases the chance that needed treatment will begin.
  • Halved the time it takes to complete admissions paperwork, which leaves more time to care for you.

As a result of these efforts and others like them, ThedaCare has had the lowest price increases in all of northeastern Wisconsin hospitals since 2004. Our use of technology to improve patient care has earned us a spot on the "100 Most Wired" hospitals and health systems for 10 straight years. And healthcare executives from around the country come to us to study ThedaCare's healthcare model and to work with the Catalysis.

Top Quality

ThedaCare consistently ranks at the top for the quality of our care and the positive health outcomes for our patients.

Learn how ThedaCare’s quality and costs compare to other Wisconsin healthcare organizations: