How Does the Affordable Care Act Affect You?

ACAThe Affordable Care Act

Our first goal is to keep you healthy. Period. And while the Affordable Care Act (ACA) gives us some additional tools to do that, ThedaCare began making positive changes long before it was drafted. Here are some articles that will give you information and answer questions on healthcare reform. You can be assured that when you partner with ThedaCare, you stay connected to every area of healthcare.


Overview of Healthcare Reform – Reform 101

Change in the Wind
Healthcare reform. The Affordable Care Act. Obamacare.  What’s changing? How does it affect you? So many questions and surprisingly little time until key portions of the law go into effect. Read how ThedaCare has been leading in healthcare reform for years.

Power to You: Understanding the ACA

ThedaCare's Approach to Your Healthcare

Stay Connected to Your Care 
Find out how ThedaCare can help you to become more fully engaged in your own care.

What is
Read how lets you communicate securely with your medical team online. View your test results, request an appointment and find trusted health information resources using your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

How the New Law Emphasizes Preventive Measures
Well, well, well – Preventive care helps you get and stay healthy. Find out what services are now covered at no charge to you.

The People Caring for You at ThedaCare
Seen a headline warning of an impending “doctor shortage”? You don’t need to worry about that. ThedaCare’s providers are strategically placed throughout our system so you get the care you need.

Personal and Community Connections
We’ve got your back. Find out what resources ThedaCare offers as you begin to adjust to lifestyle changes from healthcare reform. Check out our resources at work in the community each day.

ThedaCare and Technology Connecting Patients
Just like a smart phone connects you to your everyday life, technology connects you to your healthcare. No matter where you live in the region, if you’re a ThedaCare patient you can find resources online, or, call us at ThedaCareOnCall (800) 236-2236 to learn more.

Care Experiences at ThedaCare
Find Good, Better, Best. ThedaCare delivers coordinated care with compassion and quality – no matter what  your particular situation.

Basic Facts About Insurance and the ACA

Intro to Insurance
Even though we can’t give you advice on what insurance plan is best for you we want to share some basic facts about health insurance in the new world of the Affordable Care Act.  Find out what Essential Health Benefits are and what services and categories are covered by insurance

Get Covered: Frequently Asked Questions
Why do I need insurance? How do I get insurance?  Find answers to common questions regarding insurance and the Insurance Marketplace.

Can You Identify with These People?
The Affordable Care Act is changing many aspects of U.S. health care, but we know the most important question on your mind is – How will affect ME? Read here to find the description that best matches your own life situation and use it as a starting point to learn more!

ACA Lingo Terms and Definitions