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Using Electronic Connections to Improve Care

Posted 12 November 2013 12:00 AM by TCAuthor3

By Dean Gruner, MD, President and CEO, ThedaCare

In September, we were excited to share the news that ThedaCare has joined the Mayo Clinic Care Network – giving our physicians access to Mayo Clinic experts and clinical resources. This network puts our clinicians in direct contact with peers, specialists and researchers at Mayo. ThedaCare is the first health system in the state to join the network.

What this means for you is better care – our physicians now have instantaneous access to some of the greatest medical expertise in the world. And it’s all possible because we have a powerful electronic medical records (EMR) system with the highest level of security that allows this kind of collaboration with other medical experts to improve our access to best practices.

One of the core components of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is collaborating with you on your care, staying more connected internally and externally to help keep you healthy. We believe so strongly in the power of those connections, that we invested in a powerful EMR many years ago.

The Mayo collaboration improves our internal ability to care for you, but you’ve already experienced some of the benefits of external collaboration if you’re using MyThedaCare.org. You can securely communicate with your medical team online. Forget to renew a prescription? No problem. Have a question for your doctor? Simply log in using your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone – and send it our way wherever you happen to be in the world. Safely and securely.

Your care team also uses the EMR to help you manage your chronic conditions and coordinate your care. Got diabetes? Use MyThedaCare to track your glucose. Got kids in school and need to fill out forms? Simply log in and click on the Medical Record tab to view your child’s immunization and allergy information. Done.

If you have power of attorney to care for an elderly parent, you can also use MyThedaCare to access their medical records to help them with their care. And if your parents head to Florida to escape the Wisconsin winters, no problem. Through a partnership with the Wisconsin Health Information Exchange, snowbirds in four southern states will have access to their medical records from Wisconsin. 

If you’re already using MyThedaCare, stay tuned. We’re adding new tools to help you partner in your care. If you haven’t signed up, it’s easy. Next time you’re in your ThedaCare doctor’s office, complete an authorization form for a MyThedaCare.org account. You’ll receive a UserName and Password. Simply log in and you’re on your way to better care.

You can rest easy knowing that ThedaCare will continue to be at the forefront of improving our electronic tools to improve our ability to partner with you and medical experts around the world. We have one goal: helping you live your best life.