What is MyThedaCare.org?

MyThedaCareOne of the ACA’s goals is to keep you connected to your healthcare. That means, in part, a greater emphasis on electronic health portals, like MyThedaCare.org, that let you communicate securely with your medical team online. So, if you can’t sleep because you forgot to renew your prescription, no worries. You can cross off items on your to-do list in the middle of the night using our free 24/7 log-in access. You also can view your test results, request an appointment and find trusted health information resources.

It’s that easy. Log in using your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. Anytime, anywhere. Your information is safe and secure. 

You will receive an email notification within one business day if something has been posted in your file. When it’s convenient, log into your MyThedaCare account to view the updated information. Perhaps your doctor sent you a follow up note or posted the results of your cholesterol blood work. We know of patients who’ve returned home from a doctor’s appointment to find test results already available at MyThedaCare.

Healthcare reform also promotes using your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) as a quick guide and reference. Let’s say, for example, you’re walking barefoot in the grass and step on a rusty nail. Ouch! Not sure if you need a tetanus shot? Log on to your MyThedaCare account, click on the Medical Record tab and view your immunization record. If it’s been a while since your last tetanus immunization, you might want to click on the Appointments tab and request an appointment right away. Your ThedaCare doctor will update your immunization record while you’re in the office, and you’ll see that reflected in your record the next time you log in.

Have a chronic condition such as diabetes? You can use MyThedaCare to track your glucose. Once logged in, click on the Chronic Conditions tab and you will see the conditions you are managing in partnership with your physician. Click on Diabetes Summary to see what medications you are taking, what your blood work results are and what appointments are coming up.

Are you a parent of active school-aged children? If so, you know how challenging it is keeping medical information in order. When the start of the school year rolls around and you have to complete the required immunization paperwork, you can simply log on to MyThedaCare, click on the Medical Record tab to view your child’s immunization and allergy information, and fill out that form in no time.

If you have power of attorney to care for an elderly parent, you can use MyThedaCare to access your parent’s ThedaCare medical records as well.  With MyThedaCare, you can request Proxy Access, which allows you to utilize the site on behalf of dependent children, elderly parents or a spouse. From the home page, simply download the authorization form for an adult or a minor child, fill out and return to your ThedaCare physician’s office to get access to family members’ medical records.

Sign Up Today

The next time you’re at your ThedaCare doctor’s office, complete an authorization form for a MyThedaCare.org account (or download one at MyThedaCare and take it with you to your next appointment). You will leave the physician’s office with a Username and Password, which can be entered into the boxes in the upper right corner of the page at www.mythedacare.org

Get Started

Once you have your username and password from your ThedaCare physician, you can set up your personal account.  Go to www.mythedacare.org.  In the upper right corner of the page, enter your MyThedaCare username and password, then click sign in.

Click on the icons on the left to find where you want to go. For example, to refill a prescription using MyThedaCare, click on the Message Center on the left side menu. A list of all meds you are currently taking will appear. Click on the one you’d like to refill and click on ok. It’s that easy.

Spend a few minutes clicking on the menu items on the left side of your screen to see all features available to you. Call your provider’s office with any questions or to get help setting up your account.