Corporate Compliance

ThedaCare ACO's Corporate Compliance Program, Plan, and Policies are consistent with that of ThedaCare, Inc.

ThedaCare ACO's (TC-ACO) corporate compliance program is in effect for all TC-ACO entities and governs all TC-ACO suppliers/providers.  This review is provided to ensure you understand the laws and regulations which impact your job.

Simply stated, corporate compliance means, "doing the right thing".  TC-ACO suppliers/providers should follow all federal, state, local and industry regulations.  Examples include tax filings, payroll practices, coding and billing practices, employee benefits and confidential information.  These practices support the TC-ACO values of honesty, integrity and trust.

Facts about our corporate compliance program:

  • ThedaCare ACO leadership and the TC-ACO Quality Committee provide oversight management to this program. 
  • TC-ACO reviews problems as they are discovered and implements solutions.

Reporting corporate compliance concerns:

Your reports of corporate compliance concerns will be promptly investigated by TC-ACO's Corporate Compliance Officer who will take appropriate action.

Compliance Officer

Robert Reed

ThedaCare Corporate Compliance Officer

ThedaCare ACO LLC

Phone: (920) 454-4186

Revised 6/05/20