ATW Partnership

Two community partners champion healthy travels

Together, ThedaCare and Appleton International Airport (ATW) are connecting people on the move with wellness on the go.

ThedaCare – ATW’s health connection.

ThedaCare and Appleton International Airport are pleased to announce a new partnership as part of the unveiling of upgrades to the fourth fastest growing airport in the country, third largest airport in Wisconsin. As a result of the collaboration, ATW travelers will notice a healthier, more comfortable traveling experience.

“The upgrades we’ve made will help our community members through the process of air travel,” said Abe Weber, Airport Director. “From the beginning of the partnership with ThedaCare, we’ve kept our passengers in mind as we’ve developed new, healthy and more efficient upgrades to the facility.”

New additions to the airport include a private mother’s room, video messaging featuring health and wellness travel tips, hand sanitizer stations, healthy choice restaurant menu items, healthy eating messaging and healthy choice vending options for an on-the-go travel eating experience.

Also added to the airport upgrades include a more comfortable security checkpoint, a living plant wall and open floor plan for improved wayfinding.

“When traveling, making healthy choices can be difficult. We want to support our community, to provide healthy options at all times,” said Dr. Imran Andrabi, President and CEO of ThedaCare. “When we developed the Mother’s Room, we worked with our knowledgeable family care providers and designed the room with convenience in mind.”

ATW passengers will enjoy the following improvements as a result of the partnership:

  • Best-in-Class Mother’s Room that surpasses any airport mother’s room experience in the United States
  • Baby changing station
  • Comfortable seating for enhanced nursing experience
  • Refrigerator, sink and microwave
  • Conveniently located power outlets for nursing pumps and cell phone recharging
  • Breastfeeding education booklets
  • Calming environment to help mothers relax
  • Branded ThedaCare parking lot wayfinding poles for easy, convenient identification of where you have parked

  • ThedaCare branded hand sanitizer stands placed throughout the airport containing wellness messaging

  • Complimentary ThedaCare branded mini hand sanitizer bottles placed throughout check-in and TSA for all ATW passengers

  • Healthy choice menu items on the ATW landside and airside restaurant menus

  • Healthy eating tips on table tents on landside and airside restaurant table tops from ThedaCare Executive Chef, Larry London

  • More comfortable seating for passengers in ticket lobby and recomposure area

  • Digital messaging including travel wellness tips

  • Healthy choice vending options for a healthier on-the-go travel eating experience