Angela Heinkel, PA

  • Specialties, Procedures, and Conditions

    Internal Medicine

  • About Me:

    Every patient is an individual who requires a different approach to care, a different communication style, and attention to different health history pieces. It is my philosophy that the best care is tailored to each individual patient. I am also a huge proponent of proactive versus reactive medicine. I would rather help patients prevent disease by keeping up with health maintenance items and screenings, rather than treating conditions that could have been prevented with early intervention.

    I am especially interested in treating the geriatric population. When I first started in the workforce, I was employed as a CNA at an assisted-living facility; I absolutely loved interacting with the elderly residents and listening to their experiences and insights. I am still motivated by those interactions while practicing as a physician assistant.

    I was born and raised in this community and I am personally invested in its well-being. When I traveled outside of the state for my education, I missed Wisconsin immensely—and I am so happy to be back! I truly feel a special connection to the people here. This is my home.

  • Education and Fellowships
    MS University of St. Francis 8/1/2017
    BS University of Wisconsin - La Crosse 12/1/2013
  • Languages Spoken:

    English Japanese