Leslie Steckbauer, SAC

  • Specialties, Procedures, and Conditions

    Substance Abuse Counselor

  • About Me:

    When I meet people at hospitals for substance abuse counseling, they may be having one of their most stressful days ever. I strive to provide them with hope and begin a plan for change. I do my best to meet them where they are in their lives, and help them identify their own internal reasons for wanting to change.

    After retiring from many years as a probation/parole agent, I went back to school for substance abuse counseling. There is a great need for kind, compassionate counselors to help educate, counsel, and motivate people, and I made it my primary goal to be one of those counselors.

    Beyond counseling people, I also believe in broader education to reduce the stigma associated with substance use issues, and bring specialized training in motivational interviewing and LGBTQ issues.

  • Education and Fellowships
    Technical degree Fox Valley Technical College 5/1/2016
  • Languages Spoken: