Cosmetology Services

Helping You Feel and Look More Like the Real You
Getting treatment for cancer is an important part of your journey to getting well. Unfortunately, the treatment side effects can result in hair loss and changes to your skin, and it can be hard to adjust to your changing appearance. Our cosmetology services for cancer patients help address concerns you might have about these changes. We’ll show you comfortable styles for your personal appearance that feel right for you.

Find the Right Hair Loss Style for You
During your first few weeks of treatment, when you’re experiencing or anticipating hair thinning or loss, your care staff may refer you to our in-house cosmetologist. During your private visit, you’ll learn about the wide array of wigs, hats, and scarves available free of charge to our cancer patients.

Our natural-looking wigs are designed to complement your personal style and hair color. Our cosmetologist can help you find just the right one and show you how to wear and care for it. If you like, you can bring a friend or family member along for your visit. They’re often a great help in finding a style that best suits you. If you don’t find the right wig in our collection, we have catalogs with additional styles that we can order for you at a very low cost. 

Hats and scarves are also great accessories, and we have a wide selection especially designed for cancer patients. Many of them are made for us by volunteers. If you want to try headscarves, we’ll show you how to wear and tie them. Our selection also includes hats for men, such as warm hats for cold weather.  

During your cancer treatment, you’re scalp may become more sensitive. Cosmetology services will show you how to care for your scalp and provide samples of recommended hair care products.

Later, when your hair starts growing back in, visit us for your first haircut, which is free. We also provide free shampooing and styling to our in-house patients.

DigniCap: Technology to help you keep your hair
Hair loss due to chemotherapy doesn’t have to be inevitable. DigniCap, a scalp-cooling technology that helps cancer patients keep their hair, is now available through ThedaCare Regional Cancer Center. We are the first system in Wisconsin and the only one in Northeast Wisconsin to offer this new, effective technology.

Chemotherapy-induced alopecia, or hair loss, can harm a patient’s self-image and attitude toward cancer treatment. DigniCap helps prevent hair loss in up to 70 percent of chemotherapy patients. The FDA recently gave clearance to this system for use with patients of solid tumor cancers. DigniCap helps patients to improve their sense of well-being during treatment by helping them to reduce the most visible sign of chemotherapy treatment.

How does it work? The DigniCap cooling system reduces the temperature of a patient’s scalp, thus reducing blood flow and the amount of chemotherapy drugs that reach the hair follicles, therefore minimizing hair loss.

To learn more about this and other cosmetology services, call Lisa Kellnhauser, cosmetologist, at 920.364.3660 to schedule a consultation at the High Hopes Salon inside ThedaCare Regional Cancer Center.

Get Makeup and Skincare Tips
Once a month, we offer the Look Good and Feel Better makeup and skincare class. The class addresses changes to your skin that may occur during treatment, and how to take care of it. With a free kit of new makeup, you’ll learn how to apply foundation, lipstick, and eyeshadow, and how to create eyebrows if you lose yours during treatment. This class is a great way to learn new tips along with other cancer patients. If you wish, we can also provide these tips during a private session.  

No Cost or Low Cost to You
All of our cosmetology services are provided to you for free. This includes our hats, wigs, scarves, makeup kits and more. Many of these are provided to us through the efforts of volunteers and donations we receive. The only cost you pay is if we order a wig for you, and we can order it for a much lower price than most salons.

Set Up a Private Appointment
Call Cancer Center Support Services at 920-380-1500 to set up a private appointment or to register for the Look Good and Feel Better class. Both appointments and the class are held in the Cancer Center.