FAQ Before Informational Session

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am unsure if bariatric surgery is right for me?

  • Attending an informational session is the best place to become more knowledgeable about the overall process including pre-surgery and post surgery requirements.  There is no commitment to follow through with surgery. 

Can I register for more than one session?

  • Yes, you can sign up and attend more than one session, but you are only required to attend one within 12 months of your surgery date.

I went to another program’s Informational Session and know about all my surgery options.  Do I still need to attend one?

  • Yes, this is your opportunity to learn about our program’s options and requirements and to determine if this program is right for you in your journey to a healthier life.

Can I bring a guest?

  • Yes, you can bring 1 guest.  Please do not register your guest for session.

What if I register, but do not want to give medical and insurance information prior to attending an information session?

  • You do not have to provide this information prior to attending a session if you do not want to.  Please note this information is used to determine your insurance benefits and specific surgery requirements which is part of your personal “pathway to surgery” packet.  You will receive this packet at the session.  Without it, we will not be able to provide you this personal packet.

 Can I register the week of the informational session?

  • Yes, you can register the day of an informational session.  Please note to receive the personal “pathway to surgery” packet at the session, you must register at least 1 week in advance.  If you register in less than 1 week, this packet will be mailed to you once all information is received.

 Is weight loss surgery a covered benefit by my insurance company?

  • Weight loss surgery coverage depends on your specific insurance policy. When you register for an informational session, we will gather insurance information from you. Our team will then verify with your insurance company what your benefits are.  We will provide you with information on your insurance benefits on the night of the informational session you are registered to attend.

How long before I can have surgery?

  • It depends on the requirements set forth by your insurance company. This information will be given to you at the informational session in your personal “pathway to surgery” packet.

What is the difference between prior authorization and precertification?

  • Prior authorization is a process insurance carriers require their members to go through.  They check to see if you meet all of the necessary requirements to approve a particular procedure.  A precertification is informing your insurance of your scheduled hospital inpatient admission.

What if my insurance tells me weight loss surgery is a direct exclusion?

  • This is when your policy offers no coverage for the particular procedures identified.  Our informational session and personal “pathway to surgery” packet will give you the tools to help guide you through an appeal process.

To register, call 1-800-236-2236, extension #3 or register online